Sunday, July 6, 2008

Iran: Bloggers can be put to death reports disturbing stories regarding the lack of privacy appreciation. On one hand Iran added "establishing weblogs and sites promoting corruption, prostitution and apostasy" to the list of crimes punishable by death. Apostasy is switching religion btw.

On the other hand Viacom has recently obtained a court order that requires Google to hand over a complete list of every video watched by YouTube users. These logs will include the login names and IP addresses of the users.

I am in a pissy mood now, I apologize for not commenting on your blogs friends. But things are about to change in a major way so. Ya, screw privacy and all human rights, lets go back to the middle ages when things were simpler and u could just use your swords to resolve any kind of conflict.

EDIT: to lighten the mood a bit, here's my personality test result as inspired by feminist's blog

Your Personality is Very Rare (INTP)

Your personality type is goofy, imaginative, relaxed, and brilliant.

Only about 4% of all people have your personality, including 2% of all women and 6% of all men

You are Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Zembabwe, Mugabe the next Saddam?

I would like to commend the bbc on their continuing coverage of the zembabweian elections. reporting in areas that were more or less forgotten. Forgotten by us as humans as the mellinium generation/civilization.
Leading up to the elections the bbc reported how the voters were hassled, intimidated, harmed, and even raped if they didn't vote for the current ruling regeime. The bbc interviewed the locals who have voiced their fear and hopelessness resulting from the state-sponsored violence and oppression.
It is sad that in this day and age, rulers can still do these things and get away with them.
My prayers go to the oppressed people in Zembabwe and all over the world, the international community is very limited since there are agreements limiting the external interference in internal state matters. I wish to c a success rebelion story that will set the tone in this increasingly oppressive world that we're currently living in.
As Bob Marley would say: Stand up for your rights

I am pisT. You know when you can recognize bs paper work? And it can tell you that there r some people trying to harm you.
Well, GOD is the judge at the end, and all we have to do is believe and no matter what ALL the people try to do. At the end only god has absolute control. (Al-Arzaq beyad Allah) and those pethetic beings might feel grandiose that they have some control.
Would it be a coincidence if things go to shit in their personal lives after that?
Heh, they say Allah may6ig b3a9a.
And some people might start suffering from their own actions that they may feel good about for now. Not because I would do something about it, God's justice is far more powerfull than anything
You better say your prayers and count your blessings.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Your Brother is so kind

My younger cousin said to my sister. "How so?" my sister asks. "When we were in the airport, he asked me how are you and did you have fun? I was surprised, wallah okhooch 6ayyib" LoL
That made my day lol. I didn't even notice, sometimes a simple greeting or courtesy goes a long way

So am back from Dubai, was fun... kinda dusty when we went there.... it kinda broke the heat down but still it was dusty. They are thinking about instituting the monorail... well lemme rephrase that, they r working on it.. the infrastructure has already been built and and it is in its final stages. Didn't we have such an idea?

Yep, Dubai was enjoyable. I hate shopping, but shopping there wasn't bad. And they had discounts and sales everywhere.. Didn't expect it to be that cheap. Their vergin megastore was really mega. it was huge... and surprisingly good prices unlike the thieves we have here.
Hope that didn't offend anybody and if it did I don't care seriously the prices here are not similar to a more open market. I got GuildWars Factions for less than 7 kd, in Rihab the cd is like 20kd. Yes its that much difference.

Ya well Guild wars is an online game u c, and its similar to World of Warcraft WoW. I used to play that game till it got too demanding... from what I hear its much better than it used to be in Wow but u have to pay monthly and guild wars u just buy it once and then its free to play.. no subscription fees. I missed Wow and looking for a substitute... there r differences but guildwars is keeping me busy :)

I installed Ubuntu Linux on an older machine thinking it was time to get used to the system that should beat windows... I used earlier versions of linux and have sufferred w/ them. The biggest drawback was that a lot of the windows applications didn't work there. But now the Windows Emulator, aka WINE... get it? Its WINdows Emulator WINE. Its soo cool and has evolved sooo much that compatibility isn't much of an issue anymore.
So I installed it on the older machine expecting all kindsa problems recognizing the graphics card and peripherals and stuff. Because well, thats what used to happen.. every installation had to have soo much configuration and the installation would take a long time n stuff. The configuration and permissions and such would need forever to configure and there would be security isues... etc etc.. but to my surprise it just installed, and ran quite nicely on the 1st try... not only that.. it is sooooooo ez to use.. nothing like the older systems its pretty much plug n play now. Am gonna install it on my laptop and goodbye crappy laggy virus filled windows. The unauthorized versions r mostly messed up... did I just admit to piracy? well am redeeming myself LINUX RULEZ. Torrents r not piracy btw, they're sharing.. we all know sharing is caring.

Was chatting w/ Dr Shredd the other day about "tarsheed" and the energy crisis. He decided to research how much it would cost to build new generators. And he found this article talking about California serving 4 million homes w/ a 22 petrolioum power plants. Each plant costing about $500 mill. It would take sooo much less than that to redo the whole energy infrastructure here and since we have the money and lack the planing, umm shouldn't we get started? I mean u guys do know that we have a crisis. It would suck if AC's go out in the summer.

Well Amethyst has really inspire multipurpose posting honestly.. its like you don't have to choose.

All our music equipment are more or less busted for now... Amps need change of tubes. Guitars need change of strings. Need a bass guitar, dealing w/ online ordering is such a hassle.

As I mentioned b4, I was elected as the VP of PR (Public Relations) of alkoot toastmasters. Next meeting will be an open day w/ interesting activities. You might wanna check it out June 30th 19:15 - 21:30 in rumeythyya... going to create a blog for this particular club soon. will keep u updated.

Enjoy, and cya around

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


There's so much pending when it comes to responding to you guys... I apologize but it was a bit busy... I'm heading to Dubai Wednsday and coming back on Saturday.
Take care... will cya soon

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday wo0o0o0ot

Ya gimmie a break ;p

Ok, I need to experience that dimension much longer b4 I publish my findings, cool?
So, I stopped blog hopping for a while n stuff I was well.. confused by a few things and you understand right? I don't need to say no more.
I MISS SUMMER HOLIDAYS..... ahhhhhhhhhhya, enjoy them students they r fi-nite.... that sux.

Anywho, this tag has been circulating around to the point to now I don't know who to tag since virtualy everyone has been tagged.
So If someone is tagged already and didn't do teh tag yet am gonna tag those :p We did our homework and so shall u... some of these people just finnished their phD's I mean, what could be holding them back?

Tagged by F

These are the rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Ok, the quirks.... Took me a while to think of items for the list... I shall attempt to recite them from memory in one setting now:

1-(Political) I am a conservative liberal, or a liberal conservative, whichever way you wanna look at it but mostly I tend to think they all ma3indihom salfa at times.

2-(Preference) I like to sleep in a reaalllyyyy cold place w/ minimal cover

3-(Professional) Tend to the dress code of where I usually go, suit for work.... Iron Maiden T-shirt and jeans everywhere else

4-(Extreme) Extremist but moderate (note the blog's name)

5-(Attitude) I have a notebook with displayed message on my desk at work. It has some of the most encouraging messages to my coleagues like:

a...Chaos Panic and Disorder... My work here is done (now you know where the name came from)
b...I can please only one person each day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow doesn't look good neither. (Current/and my personal favorite)
c...Hard work never kills anyone. But why chance it?
d...I pretend to work. They pretend to pay me.
e... Please deposit all work in tray. Its the circular receptacle under my desk marked trash.

So by reading this your tagged, its a legally binding contract

***Hidden Text***
Now for some entertainment, This 80's rocker who's still going strong and extreme. The swedish shred guitarist, the founder of neoclassical shred, shredding to defy human limits. Mr Yngwie Johann Malmsteen..... Say that three times fast.. come on I dare you
I was actualy in that concert... well not that concert but the same tour in Pittsburgh. *Cough* snuck in backstage and got his autograph on my guitar *cough *Cough... Oh man.. I know the dust has cleared but damn.

Peeeeece O0o0tTt

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blogging, Good For you, Scientific research

Hi my Blog die hard/hard Core fans.
Been away for a while, lemme explain, time was the same but I was in a different dimension.
I was in a different dimension, my reality differred from every body else's
For a while I got trapped in a different place than the world we know.
I keep going back there, I don't know if it was a choice. I kinda just float there
I still have F's tag in mind just no way words r coming out.

I just saw a piece on saying that blogging is good for you.
The article sites several sources following a recent article discussing how stressful it is for bloggers to keep updating

Apparently it is actualy healthy and "self-medication" increases your immunity" and stuff... it even reduces viral loads on AIDS patients, ain't that something?

so all u stressed out blogges out there treat it as a form of therapy.
I didn't forget you people, But seriously I wasn't here... My spirit is simply flying through this different dimension or alternate reality and I get sucked in there easily. It is sooo soothing.
I hope I can always come back, but if I don't.. well maybe that world is where I belong

On a side point: Yours Truly, Kaos ahem... was elected as the Public Relations Guy in Alkoot Toastmasters. Toastmasters is supposed to improve leadership abilities and communication skills. Its also a networking/social club
So anyways, just attending the meetings WILL improve YOU and WILL make YOU a better person.
Please attend the next meeting on Monday the 16th of June in Alrumaythya... I'll post the details soon

Have you guys heard of this coming movie Get Smart? Apparently this EVIL Organization symbolically named KAOS..... and its a form of an evil corporation.... You guys remember my humorous speech? somewhere i the archives.. don't feel like linking it :P... but anywho it was concerning the same topic its like they're reading my brain, or my blog... copyright infringement?
Actualy the movie is a remake from an older movie.... ain't that something?

Also in the news; the higher ups have decided on the top priorities for the development of this country and listed them in 5 points: 1- Co-operation between the parliment and the government. 2- Improvements in human resources. 3- improvements in the infra-structure. 4- Making the country a financial center. 5- diversifying the sources of income.
Have they been reading my blog?... if so good job, never thought they had people who... well u know... think
Ofcours the biggest controversy now, Banning Star Academy, because it is BAAAAAAAD... don't question it. The people have spoken :p

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pre-Weekend Post :p

Hey guys how u doin? I know I know... been away for a while, been happening often. Its summer, the sun is slowly taking a toll on me.
What has been happening? I was hesitant to talk about this event but it is one of the things that happened. I knocked the door over the last weekend, intro meeting nothing more. mmmn, her mom asked what are your hobbies and I said am passionate about playing the guitar. The mother is religious and so is the daughter. Apparently they don't listen to music. Incomplete intelligence report I guess. Well this is an important issue for me and I expect this to be added to the search criteria :)
I don't generally celebrate my birthday, well am a scorpio so its at the end of October. bare with me here...

On a side note, did you guys know that a person in love has the similar characteristics to a person w/ OCD? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? A person in love has psychiatrich issues in other words. Meaning a persona in love is not fit to really make decisions technically. They also say that prozac (the anti-depressant) can "cure" love, heh but who wants to be cured?

The above picture has been my desktop background for a while now.

Another picture of my dream guitar. The Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty, it might be within reach but I would always believe that this guitar is holy.

The point is, if this was to be my birhday gift.. hint hint I'd be sooo happy about it... I told my cousin Dr Shredd something that am gonna reveal this once so pay attention.

If a lady gives me this guitar as a gift, I think I have no choice but to marry her on the spot.

So am givin u ladies ample time to think about it. Your happiness and some one else's happiness might be within reach here ;) its all in YOUR hands